Latino Twinks Turn From Boxing To Bareback Fucking To Release Aggression

Red Hot Latinos is delighted to present the following fantasy scenario in two parts. Picture it: two cute, sexy, and very adorable Latin twinks working out at a gym that’s a total throwback to a time before chains took over. Billy is working up a sweat, slugging away at a punching bag while Jonathan is doing his very best to distract his fellow gym member. His advances have not gone unnoticed. When Billy stops punching away, Jonathan takes his place. Except his heart really isn’t in it. By this point, Billy decides HE’S going to tease Jonathan. And all it take is whipping out his hard, uncut dick. Within seconds, Jonathan is on him. He hasn’t even removed his boxing gloves but his lips are wrapped around Billy’s juicy dick.

After going to town on Billy, sucking him down to the balls and teasing the head, Jonathan is treated to the same service. Billy returns the favor, enjoying the taste. Jonathan soon has Billy on all fours and starts working on his ass. He wastes little time in working his dick inside his new buddy and starts fucking Billy raw, making his eyes roll back into his head. Keep in mind this is still part one, with Jonathan pounding away at Billy’s tight hole. In part two — coming soon — he turns the tables on Billy. And trust us when we say that Billy turns out to be quite the cock whore for raw dick!

Gritty And Frantic Cock Sucking And Rimming Threesome

Tall, slender, and buzzed, Duran is on a mission. He wants to see the sites but what he’s interested isn’t on the tour. He manages to convince his driver Armando, a suit and tie wearing beefy Latin daddy, to take him to the most quiet, desolate place he can think of. Money has a way of talking. Once there, Duran gets out of the car and Armando finds himself being kissed and stripped. Meanwhile, Duran’s buddy, Jaime, steps out and joins in on some major cock sucking and butt rimming action. There is no cock left unsucked, no pair of balls unlicked, no hole unfingered; except for Daddy Armando’s that is. But that’s okay because Duran likes his daddies and prefers to get fucked by bigger, beefier men while fucking smaller, cock hungry twinks like Jaime. But none of that yet. This is Part 1 of 2 and ALL the mouth watering dick sucking and hole rimming takes place with asses getting primed and big meat getting pumped to the fullest. Make sure you stay tuned in for Part 2 where ALL the bareback action will have you booking a flight to the nearest Latin American country!

Kinky Twinks Marcos And Gabo

There are those who might say they don’t enjoy watching twinks because they’re just not kinky enough. Normally, we’d agree. However, after filming Marcos and Gabo, all we can tell the naysayer is that if they don’t think twinks can be twisted, they just haven’t watched these two Latinos in action! Both are total sex whores but Gabo is the biggest cocksucker, with Marcos enjoying devious plans set in motion. The thick-hung hottie knows Gabo is the greediest of dick hounds, needing cock constantly. Marcos has no problem feeding the junkie what he needs but, every once in a while, he likes to mix it up. This time is no different.

We catch up with these two during a particularly hungry afternoon when Gabo practically rips Marcos’ clothes off in his attempt to get to the fat piece of meat. Gabo swallows Marcos down to the balls, sucking and licking and groping, with Marcos enjoying the service. He even returns the favor but he knows that once he crosses a certain line, Gabo’s going to want some raw dick. After giving the bottom cock hound a mineral enema, which Gabo shoots out moments later — right onto the bed! — Marcos slides home. Gabo loves the treatment but he’s about to get more. All we can say is that, sometimes, you can literally blow smoke up someone’s ass! And yet, it gets even better still. We’re not certain what Marcos was storing in that condom but it looked to be about three days worth of jizz before smearing it all over Gabo’s face! Raw butt fucking, cum oozing pink holes, felching and load sharing. Need we say more? We didn’t think so. And frankly, regardless of what Marcos was using, even if it’s not cum, the seed is planted and your imagination WILL run away with you.

Brazilian Bottom Topped By Monster Hung Gym Buddy

After a particularly grueling workout, Brazilian hottie Michel Platiny is taking a shower. His muscles are tingling with excitement as the rush of testosterone races through his vein as tangible as a pulsating cock. Which is exactly what Michel wants: cock. Having spotted a fellow workout buddy, he’s fantasized of being taken by the tall and skinny Danilo Bertalha. And now the tattooed twink has walked in. It’s a wet dream cum true for Michel as Danilo approaches and soaps up his back. Never mind that the bottom was already lathered up and rinsed off, ready to head home. When a cutie like Danilo walks up to you, you don’t walk away; especially if that cutie sports a humongous cock you’ve been wanting!

Michel wastes little time in dropping to his knees to devour that monster piece of meat. Danilo returns the favor, sucking Michel for a bit. However, it’s that tight ass he’s after. After more cock sucking, with Michel taking Danilo down to the balls — no small feat! — he offers up his ass for the taller Brazilian top to prime full of spit. Then, whether Michel is ready or not, Danilo smacks that thick slab on Michel’s willing puckered entrance and proceeds to penetrate, then wreck that beautiful, raw pink hole. Michel takes it like a champ, on all fours, then on his back, before getting slammed while standing and facing the lockers. Danilo pounds his bottom bareback buddy hard. Deep. Rough. When he’s ready, Danilo pulls out and shows us the first spurt of thick white cream before plunging back inside and pumping the rest of the jizz in Michel, who ends up with the load bubbling and oozing out of his stretched out, freshly fucked, and fully loaded boycunt.

Trough Pig Fuckers Scott Campbell And Trevor Belfast

Some men are just natural born whores. Take Scott Campbell for instance. This cock sucking, cum guzzling pig loves servicing men and getting fucked, especially in public spaces. And nothing turns him on more than getting it on in a public mens room. So here he is, hanging out naked by the urinal when along comes super sexy hung daddy Trevor Belfast. Scott knows no boundaries so he simply drops to his knees and immediately starts to worship Trevor’s big dick. Slobbering, swallowing and servicing dick all the way down his throat is just one of Scott’s specialties. After working up a sweat from the exertion of taking all that meat, Scott lets Trevor have some of his own big dick. After edging Scott for a while, Trevor gets his dick balls deep inside Scott’s bubble butt and works him over. Between all the fucking and dirty talk, you just don’t know what’s nastier! To get deeper and take more advantage of Scott’s always willing fuckhole, the man shift positions with Scott shoved into a corner, on his back. Trevor keeps on pounding, spitting into Scott’s open mouth. Once Trevor gets close, Scott kneels and collects his reward: a hot daddy load to the face, which he feeds off of like the trough pig he truly is. But Trevor isn’t far behind, willing to take Scott’s load in the face, shot in his mouth, and tasting his juices.

Big Fat Daddy Dick For Cocksucking Pig Boy

Scott Campbell is harnessed, booted, and already on his knees long before we get the cameras rolling. He’s stroking his cock while servicing Dillon Press’s big, fat dick. Scott crams Dillon’s head into his crotch, shoving that throbbing piece of meat all the way down Scott’s open throat. Frankly, we’re not sure which one of them is luckiest. But just as we started to wonder that, Scott sits down and lets Dillon work on his cock. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gooseling, right? With Scott’s legs spread wide, Dillon helps himself to a hefty, tasty helping of Scott’s greedy fuckhole. Stroking the puckered entrance while sucking on Scott’s cock, Dillon eventually shoves a finger in deep, driving Scott crazy. By now, Scott’s begging. He’s like a whore who just won’t quit. And do you blame him? Just take a really good look at his “Daddy” and his big fat daddy dick! That slab of beef was totally meant for cock sucking pig boys like Scott. Dillon obliges Scott’s desires by him around and kissing and eating the stretched open hole. He continues to drive Scott crazy, driving a thumb in, followed by more tongue. When Scott’s butt is primed, Dillon works his throbbing shaft inside and pounds the ever loving hell out of Scott, making the cock pig moan and continue to beg for more. After getting hungry Scott on his back, Dillon slowly pulls in and out of Scott then works up toward a fevered pitch. When he eventually pulls out, Dillon blows his load right into Scott’s mouth before getting down on his knees to help drain Scott of his seed.

Super Hung Latin Twink With Fat Cock Has Mean Left Hook

Nicolas is in the boxing ring. He’s soon joined by sparring partner Jaime and the two dance around, exchanging smiles and jabs. As they get more aggressive, Nicolas deals Jaime a mean left hook, knocking his friend and fuck buddy into the ropes. Appalled, Nicolas shows Jaime how sorry he is by tenderly kissing him. Jaime falls to his knees where Nicolas’s cock awaits for his hungry mouth. The younger twink is quick to gulp down the thick, uncut cock that’s got a mean left hook of his own. After sucking Nicolas for a few rounds, Jaime offers up his sweet ass to the super hung Latin twink. Nicolas doesn’t disappoint. He tongues Jaime’s hole then spanks his for good measure. But when he’s ready to fuck he pulls Jaime back down to his cock, fucks his throat in order to get more spit to lube his shaft, then spins the meat loving bareback bottom around.

Nicolas jackhammers his partner’s smooth butt, making him moan. Jaime pushes back, impaling himself on the thick rod before ending up on the mat. Jaime reaches back to hold his ass open for all the cock he can get as Nicolas watches his own slab of beef tear into his friend’s raw hole. But all bottoms need to take control after a while. Jaime sits on Nicolas, bobbing up down, taking Nicolas to the balls. Then, just as all bottoms must take control of their holes getting pounded, so do all tops. Giving in to his urge to drive Nicolas’ goes to town, his hips a blur as he rams Jaime over and over again, thrusting every last inch deep inside his dick hungry whore of a friend. Once they near the point of no return, Nicolas pulls out and coaxes Jaime’s load from his balls, thirstily slurping the jizz down. Then it’s Nicolas’s turn to shoot. He sprays a big load down Jaime’s throat, wiping some of his seed all over the cocksucker’s face. Nicolas tongues Jaime, making sure he gets all the DNA on his face and into his mouth, tasting his own protein and sharing it with Jaime.